Next Generation Kids

NEXT GENERATION KIDS! We are discipling the children of Vailsburg Assembly as they develop into the leaders of the next generation that the church and the world desperately need in order to bring this hurting world to Jesus. Our mission is to raise up children who know God’s word, who know the power of prayer, and who love to worship God while bringing glory to Him through the gifts and talents He has given them.

We have a newly renovated space located in our Lower Level and it is a fantastic place for your child to play, grow & learn. 


For Parents....In The Know

We want to take some time to let you know of important things happening within Next Generation Kids Ministry!

1. We now have a new Check In & Out system for all children who attend NGK. (Next Generation Kids)

2. Our Ministry is geared for children in PreK4 through 5th grade.

3. We have NGK every Wednesday Night at 7pm

4. We have NGK every Sunday at either 8:30am or 11am (during each of our Gatherings)


If you would like more information about our NGK please feel free to email us at